Fire Compartmentation Inspections & Reports

Thorough investigation of components or systems of a building or structure that slows or impedes the spread of fire or smoke. We inspect all aspects of passive systems include floor-ceilings and roofs, fire doors, wall assemblies and other fire and smoke control assemblies. 

Fire Door Surveys

Our team is highly experienced and using latest technology for data collection. All our specialists are passionate about fire safety which gives our clients confidence they remain safe at all time.

Fire door inspections involve the application of a certain set of protocol checks to determine the condition of an existing fire door. A pass or fail criteria is applied also recommendation of remediation and repair solutions are provided to bring the fire door back to its original condition. After inspection a detailed report will be issued. All our fire door inspectors have the appropriate knowledge and experience to apply these checks, and are FDIS, IFE, IFSM or ASFP qualified. It is very important to understand that third-party fire door inspections provides an additional level of assurance and provides an independent, technical process for evaluating and approving the fire door or installation against a set of defined standards and procedures.

Fire Compartmentation Survey

The only way to accurately calibrate the effectiveness of your current passive protections against fire is through a passive fire protection survey. Our qualified team of fire protection consultants will visit your premises and will inspect all areas of the identified compartments lines within building and will assess their potential performance in the event of fire. During inspection all defects will be highlighted and covered with appropriate recommendations. All defects like: inappropriate fire stopping or incorect pipework penetration and other similar forms will be identified and properly recorded on our user friendly platform.

Type 1

Non-destructive or indicative and most common. Experts will undertake survey at selected area or floor of a building

Type 2

Invasive type of survey means that our experts will review all areas of the building and including harder to reach areas

Type 3

Combined indicative survey with additional destructive works.

Type 4

Destructive type of survey. For greater requirements survey option. Dependent on requirements, we will advise if a non-invasive or invasive survey is required.

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