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Why Passive fire protection is important

Passive fire protection is a vital component to your fire safety strategy.

With effective measures in place, you safeguard the people in your building against the risk of fire, and you defend businesses against the potential catastrophe of a fire.  

Our team of experts at Adam Protection Ltd are competent persons to carry out your fire risk assessment and survey your passive fire protection, including fire doors



Fire risk assessments

With adequate fire prevention measures in place, you have confidence that your people and your building are well protected against the risk of fire.

We help ‘responsible persons’ discharge their duties and keep you and your buildings compliant with the Fire Safety Act 2021 and the latest legislation.

When we conduct an FRA, you receive:

  • A comprehensive fire safety inspection carried out using Approved Document B (Vol 1 & 2). Your inspection will be conducted to British and EU Standards, in accordance with BS 9999, BS9991 and LACoRS.
  • A concise report which sets out all areas of compliance, and non-compliance within the building.
  • Specific recommendations to improve your fire safety measures, together with an indication of the urgency of the remediation. You receive a clear list of issues, rated in order of severity, which allows you to put in a place a logical action plan for remedial works.

Compartmentation surveys

Keep a fire hazard contained

Effective compartmentation will stop or slow the spread of fire in your building and protect the designated escape routes. For your compartmentation strategy to work, you must have the correct fire stopping furnishings and equipment installed. Critically, they must be installed by a competent person.

It’s especially critical that you get regular compartmentation surveys if you operate a ‘stay-put’ policy in your building. ‘Stay put’ only works if the fire compartmentation meets the appropriate standards and has been installed correctly to prevent the spread of flame and smoke.

When we carry out a compartmentation survey at your premises, you get:

  • A detailed inspection of the compartments in your building, including the walls, ceilings, doors, floors, seals and other compartmentation measures
  • A thorough, easy-to-understand report which analyses how well your compartments stop the spread of fire
  • Analysis of any vulnerabilities, which may compromise the safety of your residents / occupants
  • Assessment of the condition of compartmental measures
  • Detailed recommendations for improvements

Fire door surveys

Your vital defence against fire

The fire doors in your building help stop the spread of flame and smoke and act as an effective barrier against the spread of harmful toxins. You rely on your fire doors to assist in the safe evacuation all your occupants, including wheelchair uses.

When we carry out a fire door survey at your premises, you receive:

  • A comprehensive inspection of all fire doors in your building in accordance with British Standards
  • Testing and analysis of the fire resistance of each of the fire doors, to identify if they are correct for their intended application (30 minutes, 60 minutes etc.)
  • Review of all fire door installation to ascertain if they are installed correctly
  • Checks for any damage, or potential for oil leakage
  • Advice on whether the intumescent and fire-rated hardware of each door is correct
  • A thorough, easy-to-understand report of our findings
  • Detailed recommendations for improvements or risks of non-compliance
  • Introductions to specialists to carry out installation and remedial work


Reliable fire safety consultants

When you outsource your fire safety compliance to experienced professionals, you can have peace of mind that you remain compliant with your legal obligations. We’ll stay up to date with the latest legislation for you, and with a trained eye, we’ll monitor your adherence to regulations and best practices.

With us as your outsourced fire safety partners, you’ll never miss a scheduled safety assessment. As we get to know which areas of the building may need attention over the course of the next few years, we can give you advanced warning of future expenditure.

You can outsource as much or as little of your fire safety compliance as your like. Take your pick from:

  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Compartmentation surveys
  • Fire door surveys
  • Staff training
  • Monitored evacuation drills
  • Implementation of updates to fire safety legislation, guidance and regulations
  • Ownership of fire safety projects
  • Consultancy and advice on how to best protect the building form the risk of fire
  • Continuous monitoring of your fire safety measures

 Consistent work focused on quality to create value 

We’ll make sure you stay compliant with the latest legislation and regulations. We give you peace of mind that you’ve done everything reasonably practicable to protect your people and property from the devastating effects of fire.

When it comes to passive fire protection, it’s our aim to raise standards across the industry. As too many tragedies have proven, you can’t cut corners on protecting against the risk of fire. We provide a thorough, trustworthy service so you can be confident in your ongoing defences against the risk of fire.

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